Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday Flickr Fun: wall clusters

With all of the embroidery hoop art I've listed in my shop right recently, I've been thinking about wall decor a lot lately! I love this "wall cluster" style of decoration, find a bunch of things you love, framed or not, and arrange them on the wall together.

I also love this idea of framing pretty patterned fabrics in hoops of different sizes. it's such a colorful and fun use of wall space! Plus a great way to preserve a bit of your favorite fabric.

I'll be moving soon so all of my walls are looking more and more empty, but I plan on creating something like this in our new space! If you're interested in creating a wall cluster of your own, I've got lots of hoop framed embroideries in lots of different sizes to help you get started! ;D

♥ aimee


  1. I have started to do this as well in my home, just such a wonderful way to show off your 'art'.

  2. love these. i have some you should hunt for in my blog. some inspired by your stuff! thanks for rocking on!

  3. Wall clusters are by far my favorite way to display art and everything. I have one started on one wall with a shadowbox and many different-sized little pieces surrounding it, and want to do another cluster above my bed. I just love them!


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