Monday, October 18, 2010

a winner!

A random number has been chosen, and the winner of my Doodle Stitching giveaway is Sarah of madame button!

Sarah says: i have never embroidered and have been eying off your book to teach me a thing or two! i would love to stitch a little fox for the wall of my children's clothing store- named hennie and fox!

That sounds perfect! Congrats Sarah!

I LOVED reading about and seeing all of your embroidery projects, you are all so creative! Thank you all so much for commenting!

PS, those zinnias are from my flowerbed, I've got a few still growing! I love zinnias, they're such pretty, bright colors. I've collected enough seeds this year to plant a whole field of them next year. ;D

♥ aimee


  1. oh my gosh! its me! wow! thank you! oh im so excited i have goose bumps! thank you from all the way down under!


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