Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas trees!

Christmas trees

Christmas trees

I made these felt trees for my families this year! Inspired by Jenny's free pattern, they are hand cut and stitched from felt, with a bit of embroidery embellishment (of course.)

Have you hand made any Christmas presents this year? They are the best kind! :)

♥ aimee


  1. I really love how you personalized the pattern. These are going on my 2011 to-do list. :)

  2. They're amazing!! so beautiful ;)
    Happy Xmas Aimee and happy happy new year pretty!! :)

  3. I love these! You are so awesomely creative! I like you version better than the original.

    Handmade was a bigger theme for me this year. I knitted two scarves, and made up some slightly modified versions of your mushroom pincushions. Also gave away some chokecherry syrup I made earlier this year, and my daughter was inspired by your little woodland bunny, so she came up with a pattern of her own and is making them for gifts.

    You are a wealth of inspiration! Thank-you so much for sharing your creativity.


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