Saturday, February 12, 2011

custom MLP

my custom MLP
I've had this blank My Little Pony for a long time and last night I just finished painting her! I call her Cloud Dancer. ;) The hardest part was the gradient, but I like how it turned out. I wish they made these blank ones with all different hair colors!

my custom MLP
I like her face the best. Yay, Rainbows!

blank mlp
Here's what she looked like to begin with, with just lines drawn in.

This was fun! Maybe I'll try more custom vinyl toys in the future...
xoxo aimee


  1. I love her, she is super cute! Where did you get the blank MLP?

  2. This is awesome! Didn't know they had these out there! I loved My Little Pony as a girl... Can you dye their hair???

  3. thanks guys! I'd like to do more of these. :)
    You can get blank mlp's at amazon:
    I'm sure you could dye her hair, probably her body as well. I thought about dip dyeing the hair on this one sometime. :)

  4. Oh whoa. I was a massive MLP fan as a girl. This is super fun!!


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