Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday funspiration: Paper dolls

old paper dolls

Today's inspiration is in the form of paper dolls! Here are some super cute, vintage ones.
There are amazing examples of paper dolls from every era, (probably since the invention of paper), but I chose this selection from the 80s, my own childhood! I especially remember loving those Gingham Girls! They were my all time favorites. :)

new paper dolls

It seems hand made paper dolls are making a comeback! Here are a few new ones designed by artists I admire.

my paper dolls

I made these two myself, awhile back. They are hand cut from watercolor paper, painted and jointed with rivets.

Have you made your own paper dolls before? They can be as simple or complex as you like. This weekend, maybe grab some girl friends, (young or old), some paper, scissors, paints, fabric or whatever else you like, and go to town. :)
xo aimee


  1. So sweet! Thanks for all of the inspiration. I need to print some of these out for my 4-year-old daughter and I for some weekend fun!!

  2. I was at my local Chapters book store and noticed Prince William and Kate paper dolls :)
    I have always loved paper dolls...I still have my old Holly Hobby collection :)

  3. My aunt made some amazing "designer" clothes for a paperdoll back in the 1940s. I played with them as a child, because they were left at my grandmother's house. Thanks for reminding my of a lovely memory! :-)

  4. this makes me miss all my paper dolls! LOVE the two you made. i've been wanting to make some too. have you ever done a round robin style doll?

  5. I made a paper doll that looks like me with the Black Apple Paper Doll Primer book. :) That's a gorgeous book!


  6. thanks for the comments!! I've always loved paper dolls, I want to make a set with clothes sometime too.
    jek: I've not done a round robin, but that would be lots of fun! :)

  7. I just love paper dolls! I used to play with a Lulu doll at my grandmother's house a long time ago. Thanks for the memories! I also have a little funny for you...I order this lovely little book last week, Doodle Stitching, and have been flipping through it, making plans. Today I found your mushroom tutorial from Pinterest, linked it here, loved the blog, became a follower....I just NOW read the fun! It's YOUR book!!! It makes me all sorts of happy to have found the book, and just so happened upon your site...cheers!

  8. Thanks so much Theresa! That's funny! I'm so glad you're enjoying my book, and my blog! <3

  9. These are all so pretty! Thanks for including mine Aimee!!


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