Monday, April 25, 2011

welcome to my studio(s)

Today I thought I would give you a peek into my work spaces. Right now (a bit inconveniently) I'm spread out all over the house. :) But I have some mini studio corners in different rooms where I work.


Here is my sewing corner in the tiny green room that houses all of my craft supplies. The shelves are a bit empty at the moment (lots of stuff has been put away while we try to sell our house) but you can see a few things I've made or have been working on. That huge, green mailbox is what I use for a trash can. :)


Here's another corner in the studio/office room I share with my husband, Josh. (he's also an artist.) Our computers are in here, this is where I sit and work on my graphics and illustration projects, get packages ready, and of course, upload photos and blog entries. :)


Here is the couch in our livingroom were I do all of my hand sewing, embroidery, needle felting and sometimes even paint. (lots of natural light!) I usually tote projects in here and work on the while we watch movies on netflix (or most recently, Stargate SG1 episodes)

Our hope is to one day have a huge studio room that will house all of our art supplies and work areas. But for now, several small spaces will suffice.

I love seeing photos of people's craft space, what is your space like? :)
xo aimee


  1. I love seeing other people's craft spaces too! Thanks for sharing yours. Mine can be found here: I had too much stuff and needed a reorganization. The result was very satisfying! :-)

  2. My craft space is all over the place!!! I want one room with a big center table and a cozy chair....walls lined with fabric and yarn and inspirational pictures....But I don't see it sooooooooooooit is here and there and everywhere!!!!!

  3. I LOVE the mailbox-as-trash-can! That's so fun!

    I need to do some spring cleaning in my studio, and take some new pictures.


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