Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new tiny studio

my desk

so we're all moved into our new little house, finding a place for everything and settling in. Josh and I both work at home, so a room just for our studio is a must. Here are some pics of our new little space!

toy wall

Here's our wall o' toys and computers. Lots of shelves to display all our "inspiration" are a must! (haha) We painted it aqua blue (actually a bit darker than it looks here) put up lots of shelves and Josh built our desks to go along one wall.

studio corner
Here's the corner next to my desk.

sewing corner

and here's my little sewing corner. Everything fits in nicely! you can see a couple more photos on my flickr.
I love seeing other peoples' creative spaces! Here are some flickr groups with lots of inspiring pictures:

enjoy! xo aimee


  1. Your studio is wonderful and inspiring! I love how everything is laid out on the shelves for your eyes to feast on.

  2. It looks so cozy! I love seeing your Blythes standing in a happy row.


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