Friday, June 8, 2012

new Blythe goodies

4 apron skirts

I got out the fabric and ribbon scraps and put together these little apron skirts!

apron skirts

apron skirts

Each one is unique. They are great alone with a top, or worn over longer skirts, dresses or pants. 

a Artist's canvas painted dress

A customer recently contacted me to make dresses painted like Monet's waterlilies, so I made an extra for my shop.

These are all at my shop today:

<3 aimee


  1. OMG Amiee I love everything you do! These apron skirts are to die for!, and I love this new dress <3 Thank God for artist like you!

  2. You must really start making fashion for real people, the dolls are better dressed than their owners! It´s time for real Big deer fashion,:-)! What about a girlie shirt with your awesome gipsy caravan or with your art?


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