Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Funspiration: featured artist Sweet Bestiary

Friday Funspiration: featured artist Sweet Bestiary

I'm bringing you an artist feature today for Friday Funspiration: 
Flor Panichelli of Sweet Bestiary.
Flor makes the most wonderful, whimsical dolls and sculptures. 
I love her half animal creatures and her unique, quirky style.

You can find more Sweet Bestiary here:

xo aimee


  1. Oh, I'm so sad. I was all excited that there was a giveaway of your books but I was too late. Do you have any idea if there will be any more giveaways on any blogs? I would so enjoy more of your books!!!!! I have the motifs book, and have been embroidering almost every night while I watch tv. Your designs are the best I've seen...

    1. Hi Sharon, I don't know of any right now but you can check the Lark Crafts blog:
      I will be doing a giveaway of my new Jewelry book in the next couple of weeks. :)


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