Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gingerbread fun


How's your Holiday season going so far? Hopefully it's not too crazy and you're finding some cozy crafting time. This is an easy and fun little project that's great for (almost) all ages. Aren't they cute? Just grab a box (aren't there an abundance of those around lately?) and a white Posca paint marker and go to town drawing cute Gingerbread houses, people and pets!

This was my first experience with Posca pens and I have to say they are really fun to draw with. You do have to let them dry for a minute or the lines will smear, but overall they're not messy and very user friendly. We drew our pics on the cardboard first, then cut them out leaving an edge around the drawing so they look just like decorated cookies! I grabbed only a white one and I love the simple look of these, but they come in all colors so you could make lots of frosting colors if you choose.
My kids (age 5 and 8) really enjoyed this. They drew the cutest ones! 

My son made a Ninjabread man, a Monkeybread man and a house with a Satellite dish. ;)
We wrote greetings on the back and sent some to our families as cards, but you could also add a string on top and make really cute ornaments, or cut a little cross piece for the bottom so they can stand up. 

If you're looking for a simple, easy and fun holiday project, try this one out, I think you'll love it.
xo aimee


  1. 8 and 5! Crazy big kids now! This is a darling project. Tell your son that Miss Denise loves the Ninjabread man most of all.

    ❤️ Denise

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